Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Why am I starting my blog?

For starters, I'm giving up FACEBOOK for a while! Its too much. The so-called "Mommy Wars" are in full force with the recent Time Magazine Cover.


To which I say... I do my parenting, you do yours.

And then there's over-sharing of friends lives. Yes, I've purged my friends, and yes everyone I have on my FB I want to keep in contact with, however, I don't want to know 3 times a day that your nose is still stuffy oh and that you have a cold sore under your tongue. 

I'll also now have a lot more TIME to play with my kids, talk to my hubby, be a good friend, write, read, and learn. I don't want to even guess what my average time logged in to facebook was daily. Between my phone and computer, it was TOO MUCH.

It will be hard to get used to, but maybe I'll finally give up facebook once and for all! :)

I have a fun picture to share with you all. Last night when the hubby came back from a late-night errand he found this giant grasshopper in our hanging basket. The picture credit goes to him because no matter how much I love to take pictures, he has a better eye for it. After we took a few too many pictures, Mr. Grasshopper got a bit annoyed and climbed into flowers for a bit.

One of the things I love about being in Florida is the fun wildlife. Ok so I know a grasshopper is a bug, but back in Missouri where I grew up, we didn't have lizards everywhere or big birds or fun colored grasshoppers! We even have a little lizard who lives in the pot outside on our window sill. The kids love him, the lizard love the kids, and we have our own little pet with no work on my part. I will take a pic of him next time he's out.

Here is a pic from our little garden. A few of the flowers.


  1. Super excited for your blog! Sad to see you go on Facebook, but I understand. It's overwhelming some times. I hope you come back if only to post pictures. :)

    1. @Carrie,

      Thanks :)! I used to blog but its been a while. I'm excited about it too! Thanks for understanding :). At least I have instagram now, wish more people would get on that!