Thursday, May 17, 2012


One of my favorite hobbies is to go shopping at thrift stores! There's something about searching through all the junk to find your prized possession. Its even better when the price is cheaper than you expected!

I get most of the kids clothes second hand. Its getting harder the bigger they grow though. Most of my sons clothes are hand-me-downs which is AWESOME! I find my daughters clothes at thrift stores or consignment shops. I even shop for myself... its amazing what you can find for so much cheaper than retail.

Every Wednesday the local Salvation Army store has their 50% off sale. All clothes with a certain tag (and depending on who rings you up, the other clothes too), same goes for housewares. Unfortunately the furniture isn't the same deal, but it gets marked down each week as well.

Yesterday, I found an amazing anique/retro/??? night stand. I love it and wish I could suspend it from the middle of the living room ceiling for everyone to see but more realistically it will be a nightstand in Nathan's room. Might use it as an end table at some point though.

The nightstand has some pretty neat drawers too with old newspaper imprints from the 1800s:

I paid a whole $26 bucks for it and it is SOLID wood. I also found a depression era glass vase for $1.99. I can't find out much about the Young-Hinkle brand except that it was bought out in 1987 by Lexington Home Brands.

On a side note, Betty White's Off Their Rockers is hilarious! Its on Wed. nights at 8pm.

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